Hello, I am Damilola. I have always been the plan-your-life but follow-your-heart kind of gal. And although I had a big plan of what my life would like at 25, I followed my heart at 21 to marry and to start my entrepreneurship journey, 4 years before I actually was suppose to.. haha, well according to my plan. 

I am a Jesus girl, an unashamed lover of God with a deep desire to live out his purpose here on earth. Passionate about Purpose and Intentional living, I encourage everyone I come across to live by intention. I want to live  in a world where women are unashamed to shine, are unstoppable by society, pedestals, and deep seated beliefs.  Doing life with my handsome husband, Paul and being mom to my adorable 3 year old, Almond is my biggest blessing. I am inspired by light, vulnerability and nature.

I love art, photography and TV Production, and genuinely believe that I will find myself in either of these field sometime in the future. Reading, writing & blogging are my favourites things to do– in that order. I  love weddings, the concept of marriage intrigues me, and I am excellence-driven. All 3 reason is why I am one exceptional WEDDING PLANNER. 

When I decided to pursue wedding planning, I didn’t exactly know where the jourmey would take me. A few years later, I still can’t believe that I’m living out this dream. I believe that every love story is special and a wedding day should be beautiful, personal and magical reminding couples of why they fell in love in the first place.

recently engaged?

Let me hold your hand as you countdown to your big day!