Oh dear, Look Both Ways!

Netflix and Chill, anyone? 💃🏻 Well that was my exact mood last Thursday as I propped myself for a well deserved movie night. Unlike my usual habit of checking out a few movies before deciding one, I settled on LOOK BOTH WAYS at first glance! 2 hours later, I was grinning at my screen like a chicken 😌— coz what!! LOOK BOTH WAYS was a good one.

And from a writer’s POV, it was a brilliant script!!!

Being crusading everyone since then to go watch the movie. The message is brilliant and uplifting in a not-too cheesy way 😋. Too many touchpoints/ lessons in the movie honestly.

And as I have found myself beautifully sharing them with a couple of people since I saw it, I thought- why not share it here on the blog.

So, here I am:

Smiling again because writing about this hit-close-to-home story makes me joyful.

Now, let’s get right to it:

First some background:

Look both ways is a multiverse/ alternative realties movie that explores how our choices can lead to different outcomes and lives. It simultaneously shows two different version of Natalie’s (our 22 year old heroine’s) life after the night of her college graduation where she finds herself puking in the toilet and taking a pregnancy test.

Natalie’s life A– is that she gets pregnant and as such had to forfeit her well curated 5-year plan of moving to LA and becoming a big time animator.

Natalie’s life B– is that the pregnancy kit reads negative and she went to LA to chase her dream.

For someone like me, who thoughts of alternative paths and what ifs occupied my consciousness while being Married & pregnant at 21, Look Both Ways perfectly explains what I now know I would tell my 21-year-old-about-to-become-a-mom-self years ago

and so, that justice was done to the script of the movie is a thing of JOY for me!

So, moving on: 5 years later

Natalie A now has a 4 year old she is grateful for, a cordial relationship with her baby daddy who loves her but she’s too blind to see it- She is financially dependent on her parents, struggling with finding herself as an artist, joyful on a lot of days too but yet a bit resentful towards her friends as she scrolls through the highlight reel of their lives on social media.

Natalie B– having secured a slot as an assistant to her iconic role-model animator as she got to LA years ago, is realizing 5 years later that transitioning from the assitant to the animator isn’t as easy as she had envisioned- She had recently convinced herself to show her animation profile to her boss.

That ended in tears cause her boss told her- that although her work is good, it doesn’t have the authenticity an artist’s work should have- that it would be better If she quit her job and go spend sometime finding herself. OUCH! I felt for her here- And just in the same day, her blossoming relationship with her boyfriend crashed because of distance. She left LA & went back home nearly penniless. She is seen weeping while her parents welcome her back home & console her.

To cut it short, LA Natalie wasn’t in a great place and despite not been pregnant on her college graduation night, her 5 year plan still went to shit.

Pregnant Natalie too had recently found out that her baby daddy proposed to another woman and looking at her life where she still dependent on her parents at 27 and behind in all things career, she felt like the only joy in her life is her baby. She is seen weeping while her parents console her.

So both alternatives at this juncture weren’t in a great place.

Let’s take a lil minute to think of what that means:

Life isn’t a bed of Roses- whatever what ifs, should have- could-have-done version of ourselves that we ruminate on in our alone time- the lesson here is to realize that there is never an alternate version of our lives where we have everything all figured out. Problems & tears are a normal part of life.

What happened next to both Natalie made me smile and that also confirms that as it is with life, the darkest storm in our lives only give way to the brightest morning.

Natalie B also wipes her tears, and despite hating been back at her old room while nursing a heart break is seen going back to all she learnt in LA, introspecting and coming up with a unique master piece animation that she then sent in to an iconic Platform she had always wanted her piece to be featured

Natalie A wipes her tears and she is seen in a couple of scene working tirelessly on her art. Using all the domestic part of her life as an inspiration for the work and she came up with a masterpiece that she submitted on a big platform.

You can tell that I don’t know much of animation in the way I am summarized the last paragraphs this, ba? Well, take it like that 😀

And get the point as I continue;

Both Natalie’s heard back from the platforms

Natalie A– is invited to be on a panel session with some giants in her industry including, wait for this- that icon she loved so much but couldn’t go meet in LA because she was pregnant. Oh yes! She was Uber excited as she got to explain the inspiration behind the work she sent in- her beautiful daughter.

What does this tell us? Everything we need at any given point is already in our lives. Natalie A didn’t have much- not the exposure she needed as an artist nor money, but what she had – her beautiful 4 year old, was all she needed and she realized that when she finally looked inwards and deliberately worked on her art.

Dear young moms reading this post- could you repeat this out-loud ?

“There is nothing wrong with this moment, I am not losing time taking care of my precious gifts. All that I need right now is in my life, I will open my eyes to see them and deliberately work it out by God’s grace”

Did that feel good ? I hope so! Now write down the action points that came to your mind as you said it out loud.

Natalie B also got her good news, her animation will be premiered LIVE on the platform she loved. She is seen calling her long distance ex-boyfriend and Sharing the good news with him because only Him can understand the magnitude and the impact of what just happened.

She went in for the premiere and happens to find out that gentle man flew across oceans to be with her on her happy-day. He says some cheesy lines that makes the romantic in me jump & clapped for him because his head is finally correct 😆😛 and they go for the watch party together.

After the scene, Natalie’s old boss that kinda fired her walks up to her to say how proud she is, then invited her back to join the company as an animator- fulfilling her age-long dreams. She was too excited to be resentful as she eagerly accepts the offer.

Natalie B is finally in that place where life feels FULL and she’s come full circle.

My prayer here honestly is that may situation that will jolt us out of our comfort zone happen to us so that we can push ourselves hard cause honestly nothing spectacular happens in our comfort zone !

Now to Natalie A, after the panel session, she is seen asking her baby daddy about his fiancé who was suppose to be around and he said as I quote “oh we broke up, months ago, Natalie, she just wasn’t YOU”


CHEESY raised to power 1000!

Bhet I love it so much!!!

Natalie quickly step in & confess her love for Mr baby daddy, he nods affirming that he knows she has just been too scared of the possibility of them both. Well I say- FINALLY!!! You people’s eyes have open!

Natalie A has also come full circle.

As corny & fast-paced as both their success & love-life seem to be after years of trying, there are vital lessons.

So some touch points, shall we?

1. Big breaks are for everybody– we will all eat breakfast. Time & chance happens to them all as my favourite book puts it!

2. There comes a life in our life where you will have to choose between convenience & significance. And that’s what makes all the difference in the world . Natalie A & B got to that point with tears in the eyes and they perserveed through it using all that they already have in their lives as starting material.

Natalie A- her domestic life & daughter

Natalie B- her years of experience of LA

Nothing you are experiencing right now is a WASTE, they are all materials for the next level.

So keep going. If the going is tough right now, it’s a sign that you’re close.

3. Love finds us all- eventually, especially if that’s what we desire- one of the things I love most in this movie that you’d only see & appreciate when you watch it is that NATALIE didn’t end up with the same man in that both universes, even though she knew both men in each universe.

What I think this tells us- there is no “THE ONE”. There are a thousand & one people in this universe that we could connect with on a soul level and build a beautiful life with if we decide to and most importantly God approves of it.

What it also means is the more places we go to, the more chance that we would connect with lots of people across diverse areas of life- what matters when it comes to love goes beyond soul connection to a particular human being, it is the CHOICE to continue to love that person & build that life with them.

So, if you’re single right now and reading this, I hope your take home is: find yourself while you spread your horizons for connections and ultimately to pray that when you make that choice about someone, that person is also making the decision about you.

I truly hope & pray that it happens for you, amen!

4. Growing up is generally the not the sweetest thing, In fact it is HARD WORK, so many life changing decisions to make daily.

Good news though? I found an hack that Look both ways didn’t highlight but I am happy to share with you.

You know what that is? Well I think you already do. The hack is GOD.

An intimate relationship with Him that grants us access to knowing His heart and doing this adulting thing with something much more powerful than our feelings & intuitionThe Holyspirit.

You see, I have been doing this Christian thing for a while but until last year, I didn’t get to this intimate place with God and boy, when I did I began to see so much difference and my soul has been joyful for it!

And so this number 4 point is for you who God has been nudging in the last few weeks/months to come closer, here is your REMINDER and yes, He sent me to tell you to come closer quickly. All the answers you want is in Him.

And that Brings me to my the last touch points in Look Both Ways;

5. Support systems are everything: Natalie’s parents are one of kind, her best friend also – amazing, her baby daddy very supportive and her LA boyfriend continually pushed her in the direction of greatness, whatever you do in this life, Make sure you find your own circle and you nurture them coz it’s needed ! And that also reminds me – if you get number 4 right, you have the advantage of getting the the rest easy. So don’t forget number 4!

And then one bonus point I got from the end of movie as they show both happy & accomplished Natalies back in the toilet 5 years ago looking in the mirror remembering how terrified her 22 year old self was years ago on the same toilet seat as she starred anxiously at the pregnancy test-

both Natalie whispers to their reflection and says – You’re OKAY. Meaning whatever outcome 22 year Natalie sees on the test, she’s going to be fine.

This scene right here was why I was smiling sheeplishly at my screen last Thursday because I can completely relate and boldly say to my scared 21 years old self “You’re Okay, baby! You are!! It’s a JOY, really.

Like Natalie I have come full circle and I am proud!

This is for your dear patient & amazing reader that read up to this point: No matter what direction your life is headed right this minute, if you keep moving forward, you’d find happiness.

You’d truly be able to, in the next few years say to this version of yourself that YOU’re OKAY as I would too about my current night sweats!

People of the blog, life is beautiful!!!!

May that continue to be our testimony!!!




8 thoughts on “Oh dear, Look Both Ways!”

  1. You hit all the nails on the head in this blog post Dami. I think young people should see this movie especially the lessons and take home are so inspiring. Easily my movie of the year.

  2. Let me go and circulate this your detailed and thorough blog post on it Dami. That you took your time to pen all the lessons in writing is amazing. I’ll definitely re-read this blog post.

  3. How am i just getting to your blog page Dami. This movie hit me when i watched and reading this blog post highlighted more chessyness and lessons i had not previously noticed.
    When you wrote there’s nothing like the ONE i was like yessss, I could go somewhere different and meet a different the ONE.

    I will be Okay, no matter the path I end up taking.
    Thank you so much D

  4. Oluwadamilola ADESEGUN

    You explained explicitly that I felt like I was seeing the movie. Thank you very much for this blog post, it is so timely.

    Great post.

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